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Video Production

By 2019, video will own 80% of all the content consumed by buyers, as Cisco stated.

For businesses like yours, this is a big deal. Research shows that video is the most trusted resource for consumers at each stage in the buying process.

Video is powerful. It’s more digestible than simply reading words. It builds trust and captivates your audience more than any other type of content. And that’s not all.

The strategic use of this magnetizing moving pictures during your sales process will compel people to act and shorten your sales cycle. In fact, research also shows that one out of five people will likely leave a website if it doesn’t have video in it.


And yet, despite its advantages, it’s not as simple as it seems to implement it. Why is that?

  • Afraid to be on camera
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Costly equipment
  • Lack of teams
  • Resistance from sales
  • No production experiences
  • No video editing experts
  • Quality concerns
  • Consume so much time

How We Do It

Script Your Video

First things first, a good video needs a fluent flow organized by a script. Our team will write a script that matches to your content needs and goals. This stage will also properly calculate the perfect length for your video so it won’t be too short that your content’s core message fails to deliver, or not too long that it bores them.

Choose and Set up the Equipment

Before the script is ready to be performed, our team will prepare and choose the right set of equipment to suit your content needs, as different equipment holds different functionality and purpose. The same goes for camera. Different camera produces different quality, bears different features and strong points, and should be chosen according to the necessity.

Prepare the Talent

Our team consists of confident, camera-ready individuals who have delivered their acting skills in many videos for companies. Video talent is a rare resource, and we thrive in front of the camera as we deliver your content message the right way, the passionate way.

Shoot the Footage

In this stage—the recording state, our team shoots the footage for your video with the effective tactics that will deliver the facts and emotions engraved in your message.

Edit the Footage

Now that the video footage is ready to be processed, this stage performs rigorous editing on the footage to create a seamless, fluent, and persuasive video, and to enhance the power of your video by removing what’s unnecessary and adding effects to strengthen the impact of your message. This stage of the work also includes adding the right and purposeful music that enhances your video’s mood and tone, as well as evokes emotions and captivates your viewer’s attention, with your audience and overall theme of the production taken into account.

Record Voiceover

We have the video footage and music—now it’s time to focus on voiceover. A voiceover is the separate video narration that’s not spoken by the speaker on-camera. Voice overs are an effective tool that can help make your content more relatable, emotional, and fluid.

Host Your Video

Finally, your video is ready to be published! The last step is to get your video online so your audience can start viewing and sharing it. It’ll be published on your website or social media channels, depending on your needs.

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