Digital Brand Messaging

Digital Brand Messaging

1. We don’t know how to prove we’re better and different than competitors

2. We have no idea what our value proposition should be ?

3. We have different types of buyers who want different things from us ?

4. What we offer is great, but our buyers don’t know it

If this is you, you’re not alone. The struggle of messaging is a common hardship for many companies.

Many communicators forget that great messaging begins with their audience’s values, not their product.

“Resonance” is the key to an impactful message. Resonate a relevant message that will be remembered by audience, that will have lasting image in their hearts and minds.

Put your brand in front of the right buyers with the right message.

How We Do It


Research Your Ideal Buyer Personas

In order to craft the right messaging strategy that resonates within your ideal buyers’ mind and heart, we need to know the standard profiles of your buyer’s persona through comprehensive analysis. Then, through research, we’ll validate and improve them, within necessity.


Establish Buyer Decision-Making Styles

Each buyer has a distinct decision-making style. Once we grasp your buyer personas, we’ll work with you to identify which style of decision-making each of your persona has.


Determine Messaging Strategy Style

With the needs, goals, and decision-making styles of your buyers in mind, we’ll evaluate your market fit through industry analysis. Then, we’ll determine the right messaging style for your brand, so you stand out from your competitors and win over prospects.


Build Messaging Maps & Value Propositions

Finally, we’ll build out detailed messaging maps and value propositions for each of your personas, for every stage of the buyer’s journey. It will be your roadmap of how to adapt your messaging depending on context, urgency, and buyer stage.

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