We need to maintain our website

Website Maintenance

Your website may not need a redesign, but a website is never finished.

Managing a website is one of the biggest challenges for any business. And chances are, your website's performance is on the top list of priorities. It's an asset that works 24/7 to draw in visitors, convert them, and help you hit your goals.

Issues with website management include a variety of different factors, from writing and optimizing the content to designing beautiful and user-friendly webpages.

Websites that are left for dead. You might have built a website, but you’ve left it untouched once it goes online. Or you don’t do it because it scares you. Or you don’t know the how-to because no one has trained you or your team. Or you did try your best but ends up breaking something on the website.

Websites that are not regularly backed up. Websites that aren’t backed up regularly are vulnerable to hackers. In a recent study of over 40,000 of the most popular WordPress websites around the world, 73% of these websites are prone to being hacked. If your website is targeted, the attacker could get into your website and destroy it entirely.

Time-consuming website tasks. Managing website requires a large amount of time and dedicated manpower. Most business owners find this a challenge to keep up with managing all elements of their website.

How We Do It


Improving and Reviewing SEO

WordPress Hosting Updates

Platform-based Bug Fixes

Implementing Security Patch


Improving and Changing Designs

Site Content & Copy

New Website Pages

Mobile-First Optimization

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