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Web Design and Optimisation

I need a new website—mine sucks… but I don't want to spend months designing and building it! Isn't there a more effective way of building my website?

Poor Website Design
Nearly 40% of visitors stop engaging if images don’t load or if the layout or content is unattractive.

Your website is failing. It’s not attracting enough leads, it’s not optimized, the design is outdated, and your content isn’t being interacted with.

And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Unless you give your visitors a reason to stick around, they’re gone. High bounce rate is an indicator of visitors’ lack of interest.

You want a dynamic new website, which is fully-functioning, mobile-friendly, lead generating, modern, secure and choked with impact, but you don’t want to wait for—say, six months while everything is rewritten, re-designed and reinvented.

Your website should captivate your prospective customers into investigating more about what you offer, or even better, becoming a customer. In short:

You need a beautiful, data-driven website that’s fast, responsive & attracts leads.

How We Do It


We’ll get to know each other through meetings or calls so we can better understand the current state of your website, including what’s working, what isn’t, as well as your objectives for your renewed website.


We’ll perform an extensive analysis to serve as the foundation of your website redesign. In this phase, we’ll research and validate your buyer personas, evaluate your website structure, and review your technology needs.


This includes wireframing, high-fidelity mockups, and basic user experience (UX) testing. If we’re assisting you in content, the creation of a content style guide, and drafting and approval of content will happen at this phase.

Quality Assurance

Once you approve your new site, it’ll be put through meticulous testing, to make sure nothing is broken and to ensure a seamless, beautiful, and friendly experience for your users across any device or browser.

Launch Day

The D-day has arrived—the important day of your website launch! We will handle the launch process for taking your website live and actively monitor for any issue that may arise, as your new website commences online.


Your post-launch plan includes training, 30 days of website support, and a growth plan. Additionally, we offer long-term growth-driven programs to optimize your website month-over-month and ensure it’s always up to date.

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