Happy Soya Oil has increased engagement rate and engagement per post, as well as generating more leads.

About Happy Soya Oil

Happy Soya Oil is a cooking oil made of soy. It is safe to be consumed by people without having to be worried about cholesterol increment due to its natural, healthy ingredients.

Happy Soya Oil’s Challenge

Happy Soya Oil aimed to change the lifestyle of their audience by switching their cooking oils with the healthier one. However, people are less aware of seed oil and soy oil. In addition, Happy Soya Oil costs more than palm oil.

Limestones Solution

  1. We kicked the activity off by clustering the target audience into 2 categories, health seekers and health improvers
  2. We delivered Jangan Berhenti Makan Enak (Don’t stop eating tasty food) as Happy Soya Oil’s communication.. We focused on fried food due to being liked by most Indonesians.
  1. We spread the message at the perfect time across various platforms. Some aspects we took into account were as follows:
  • Consumer activation and Consumer experience
  • Digital strategy and content strategy
  • POSM and shopper strategy
  • Collaboration and partnerships with KOLs, communities, and food industries to attract audience and become viral.


Drove engagement rate up to 141.13% on Instagram


Increased engagement per post up to 823.49% on Facebook


Drove 1,376.23% of sessions and 1,558.48% of pageviews


Drew in 1,587.40% of users


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