UNICEF has driven targeted reach and impressions, as well as converting audience into donors.

About UNICEF Indonesia

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, defend their rights, as well as helping them fulfil their need, from early childhood through adolescence. There are various types of programs having been run by UNICEF, two of which are pledges and one-off donations.

UNICEF Indonesia Challenge

UNICEF aimed to encourage potential donors to sign up for pledges that can improve and fulfil Indonesian children’s nutrition.

Limestones Solution

  1. We started the project by understanding the client’s objective. We transformed it into a creative brief, containing details:
  • Target Audience’s description and insight, clear Call to Action
  • Relevant Reason to Believe.
  1. We tracked competitors’ performance using a platform for digital listening and monitoring.
  2. We dove further into understanding our target audience by recording their conversation on digital platforms. We also created a mini survey to uncover deeper insight, specifically related to their opinions about topics regarding donations.
  3. Our creative team developed digital contents based on given insight.



22,197,761 impressions


25,333 clicks


15,530 visits.


367 donors

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